Energetic Balancing

By L. Oliver Duffy

On December 2nd, 2000, a Saturday, I went to a presentation given by Stephen Lewis of the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness. At that time I signed up for a 6-month energetic balancing activation period and my picture was taken. I understood that my picture was to be placed on an active tray by the end of the following week for the purpose of energetically balancing my etheric or light body. This decision came about after I read a book called Sanctuary, A Path to Consciousness by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson.

The following Monday I started focusing my attention on my being to establish a baseline. As I recall, that day I noticed some subtle changes that were difficult to describe but nonetheless noticeable. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to feel any changes until my picture became activated later in the week and I was a little disappointed at these earlier than expected different feelings. I was pleasantly surprised when a few days later a letter arrived in the mail telling me that my activation had already begun on Monday.

I was scheduled to remain on the tray for 6 months but due to an accounting error I was inadvertently taken off after about 3 months for a period of 2 weeks. An extra month was added in addition to the 2 missing weeks for a total of about 6 extra weeks of activation.

The activation period ran from December 4th, 2000 to July 14th, 2001. During that time my consciousness underwent some rather dramatic changes. I reconnected with two incarnated light workers that I had meet a couple of years earlier and then with an ever growing number of people also interested in elevating their consciousness and activating their light body. (These terms are a little complicated to explain so I will not attempt to do so here except as follows later in the text.) I started a monthly discussion group that I had been attempting to start for over a year prior to my activation. I started attending ascension and energy classes. Certain books came to me that opened me up to new ideas and I started to meditate on a regular basis. I also learned about the power of prayer. That alone is one of the biggest surprises for me. I now combine my payers and meditations into a combination I call god-self communication.

Those who are around me on a regular basis, and are themselves working on the ascension process, have commented on the noticeable changes I have made. I feel like a different person. I have felt my heart open to others and that alone is worth any effort spent in the process. Someone asked me how I would characterize those changes and I had to think for a while before I came up with an answer. It can be distilled into one statement: I like myself a lot more now than at any previous time.

Some have suggested that the results are due to processes other than the Energetic Balancing. After all I have been taking classes, praying, meditating and generally making an effort to ascend. My response to this is that all of that is true but isn’t the timing interesting!

All is not roses unless you include the thorns. Part of Energetic Balancing and ascension in general involves going through your stuff. I am reminded of the sculptor’s answer when asked how he carved such a beautiful figure in the stone. He responded by saying that the figure was already there, all he did was to remove the excess. The excess stuff removal is what the ascension process is all about. Stuff is what anchors our awareness here in this reality, exclusive of the greater whole of ourselves and our connection with the universe.

Shedding of stuff means removing the glue of fear that keeps it bound to our consciousness and often symbolically to our body. Symbolic stuff can be in the form of excess weight, unhealthy habits, dis-ease and rigid paradigms. As we ascend, the glue starts to melt and we begin to shed our stuff. Our bodies start to feel different, not necessarily good at first as more glue is manufactured but eventually our heart is opened and the fear turns into love and our stuff is transformed. At that point in our transformation we become servants.

Being a servant is the best way to give love for it gives us the greatest opportunity to love. Love is the best drug on the planet. Love is food for the soul and joy for the spirit. Giving through service to others allows love to course through our being thereby connecting us with the All That Is. We become a Love Energy Conduit between this virtual reality known as the Earth Plane and the greater reality of the Spiritual Cosmos. When this happens we then know that there is no separation between anything or any being in our perceived reality.

At times the journey to love for me is like climbing a sand dune. Some days I feel the love energy beaming from my heart. Other times I know that things are not quite right. It is in these latter times that I often forget who I am, a spiritual being having a human experience. Lately, however, I am starting to remember what it is like to have my heart open even while I’m sliding backwards down the dune. This is progress. Even while traveling in reverse I am now becoming aware that my heart has stalled, so I often stop and focus on some thought associated with the open heart. This gives me the feeling of love and from there I can restart my love engine by opening my heart.

So, what is next? Well, I have been off the tray for a few weeks as of this writing. I was waiting to see if I felt any different. I have. The acceleration has slowed enough to tell the difference. I realized that I was turning this into a science project for that is what I do for a living. It is time to get back on the tray so that I have access to those energies. It is much like taking nutritional supplements. I am not dependent on them but I sure feel a lot better when I take advantage of what they have to offer.

Love, Light and Prayers,


We are not Human Beings having a spiritual experience,
We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.