Earth's Magnetic Field, Resonance and Us

By L. Oliver Duffy

As I have stated in a previous posting, Earth's electrical resonance, also known as Schumann Resonance, is the result of the make up of Earth as a spherical resonator. This resonator is the result of the conductivity of Earth, the insulative properties of the lower atmosphere and a highly charged and conductive ionosphere. This combination creates a spherical capacitor as well as a resonator. Quite a large amount of electrical energy is stored in this capacitor.

After posting the information on Schumann resonance and the source of the charge of the ionosphere being the ions from our sun, quite a few postings were made challenging some of my assumptions and conclusions, especially those dealing with the frequency of the resonance. The ones that caught my attention were those dealing with the calculation of the spherical resonance of Earth. I was using a simplified calculation and not accounting for velocity factors due to humidity etc. I also did not account for surface penetration of the very low fundamental frequency near 7.5Hz, which would shorten the path and increase the frequency perhaps offsetting the other frequency decreasing factors. If Earth were homogeneous in her crust's makeup (which it is not) then these factors would create a consistent measurement of base resonance frequencies at most points on Earth.

The apparent source of the measured frequencies is lightning strikes. Each strike is much like throwing a pebble into a pound and observing the resulting wave extending outward from the strike point. Earth, being a sphere, allows for the wave to circulate around and around until it dies out. Thus we have a resonance forming mechanism. Now imagine taking a handful of pebbles and tossing them up in the air over the pond. As they land at various places and times in the pond the resulting wave created by each pebble has its own path and at times adding to or subtracting from the waves created by the other pebbles. This picture is analogous to the many lightning strikes occurring on Earth at any given time, each strike creating it's own wave being sent around Earth.

So, what is it that creates a measurable single signal at the base frequency of Earth resonance? One would expect, given the above, that all that would be measured would be noise produced by the random lightning strikes from around the planet. This would be true if it were not for Earth's magnetic field, which creates what is known in microwave applications as a circulator. A circulator is created in the laboratory by placing a magnetic field at right angles to an electrical ring. A repetitive radio frequency signal that resonates with the ring's size is injected (lightning strike) at any point on the ring.

Without the magnetic field the injected signal would travel in both directions around the ring. The split portion of the signal would meet and pass each other on the opposite side of the ring from the injection point. This is the same phenomenon that is created when striking a bell. In the case of the bell, sound waves travel in both directions from the strike point around the perimeter of the bell, continuing until they die out. However, in the case of Earth, with the introduction of the magnetic field the waves traveling in one direction (East) are aided in their path while those traveling in the opposite direction (West) are attenuated. As the magnetic field is increased in strength, at some flux level all of the Westward traveling waves are completely attenuated.

If Earth had a strong enough magnetic field around her, one much stronger than what we have today, then these random lightning strikes would only be sending their respective waves in one direction, East. As such, the lightning charges that build locally would be influenced by waves created by other lightning and they would be synchronized in their discharge. This is known as injection locking. Injection locking occurs when a small signal, that from another lightning strike, helps time the discharge of a building local charge.

With such a large magnetic field Earth would be singing a single note. A steady pure tone would be created and kept going by the synchronized lightning strikes from around the globe. With Earth's current weak and perhaps decreasing magnetic field what we measure with our instruments is a noisy, almost resonant, wide band signal at Earth's base resonant frequency.

It is said that our brain waves have a frequency component that matches that of Earth base resonance. This frequency is strongest when we meditate. We seem to be somehow connected to Earth through her electrical field. As the magnetic field of Earth decreases we therefore become less and less in the same vibrational state that we achieve in meditation. This results in a sort of an anti-meditative state, a state of confusion, disorientation and reaction.

We could be headed for a crisis. It appears to me that such is the case. But, as the Chinese symbol for crisis is made up of two separate symbols, danger and opportunity, we will see many changes coming down the pike. Some of these changes present dangers while others present us with great opportunities. Personally, I am increasing my time spent in daily meditation many fold. It is doing wonders for me as well as having helped me to assemble the above information.

Love, Light and Prayers,